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Septuagint Exodus, 3:16-4:3

Septuagint Exodus
3:16-3:18 Recto
3:21-4:3 Verso
Fourth century A.D.
Manuscript on papyrus in an expert Greek uncial hand
Excerpts from "Moses and the Burning Bush"
The fragment is approximately 150 x 67mm (uneven) and has twenty-one fragmentary lines (original folio was approximately 280 x 160mm.).   This Septuagint fragment has several sister leaves in two locations: 1. one folio, with Exodus 6:28-7:12 in the Antonovich Collection, Paris, and 2. five folios, with Exodus 4:17-6:12 and 7:12-21 (with substantial lacunae) in the Schoyen Collection, Oslo.  The sister fragment from the Schoyen Collection was exhibited at the XVI Congress of the International Organization for the study of the Old Testament.  Faculty of Law Library, University of Oslo, 29 July - 7 August 1998.  There are relatively few papyri of Exodus in Greek, and the text preserved here is not otherwise extant on papyrus.  Together with Codex Vaticanus, and the sister fragments mentioned, it is the oldest witness to the Septuagint Exodus.
Septuagint Exodus, 3:16-4:3





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